partners, allies and educational links

Partners and Allies


  • Reading Radicalism - An Essential List of Radical Literature and Writings (link)
  • Nobodies by Dean Spade (link)
  • On Love, Study and Struggle by Robin Kelley (link)
  • Advice from Angela Davis in the aftermath of the election (link)
  • Trump is a great storyteller, We need to be better by Viet Thanh Nguyen (link)
  • Writers of Color on Trump (link)
  • Fear of Losing White Privilege Led to Trump's Election by Toni Morrison (link)
  • Violence, Theirs and Ours by Vijay Prashad (link)
  • Teaching and Talking about Art in unPresidented Times by Thea Quiry Tagle (link)

Web Links

  • Social Progress Index (link)
  • The Counted (link)
  • Fatal Force (link)